The Puzzle Workshop Company

We provide educational Puzzle Workshops for pupils in Key Stages 1,2,3,4, and students aged 16-19. Our Puzzle Day Workshops focus on a range of key skills encompassing team work, problem solving, communication and maths.

Our Puzzle Day Workshop programmes encourages students to think freely and work together to achieve and raise expectations. In one day we can challenge up to 300 students to take part.

This is accomplished by maximising the 5 hour school day into workshops accommodating up to 60 students per session. This, however, can be tailored to individual school needs by changing the length and size of the sessions.

Why Use Us?

Schools book The Puzzle Workshop Company for a many different reasons. Some of these opportunities are listed below:

Maths Days
Team Building
Confidence Building
Activities Week
Challenge Days
Gifted and Talented

"We had a fantastic day, the children were totally focused in each activity and all the challenges were targeted specifically at each groups ability."
Holy Trinity and St.Silas Primary School


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